Alconox Foodservice

Alconox calls on Adco for simplified marketing communications to match simple, easy-to-use products.
  • Alconox knows that once folks try their products, they're hooked. Adco developed a sample program direct mail strategy that offered an iPad giveaway to help motivate the market to "Get it, Use it and Tell them about it!"
  • When chains are your target, you need to prove that you have the tools and techniques to help them use your products properly. Adco helps to simplify the message and create training materials that work.
  • Alconox noticed that there was no way to gauge the success of their sample program. They weren't even sure folks knew what to do with the product when a sample was received. We fixed that with a bold new package design that put the benefits, and how to use the product front and centre.
  • Since most folks have access to a smart phone, we optimize video for the mobile space so that users can get the information they need—when and where they need it.
  • All of the websites we design and execute are responsive— optimized for all platforms and devices. That way, whenever someone reaches out—however they reach out—Alconox is there to meet them with the right information presented in the right way.
  • Sometimes you want to leverage your content into an experience targeted at a specific customer. We leveraged Alconox's existing website to create a customer-specific version with minimal time and cost involved.