Merrychef eikon Series

The world’s most accelerated cooking oven company looks for a new name and look.    
  • To communicate the message 'quality fast food,' we used fast food packaging and stuffed them with delicious ribs, a succulent rack of lamb, a filet mignon, and gourmet fish and chips. Creative photography that instantly communicates the message.
  • Quality fast food may seem like an oxymoron—unless you own a Merrychef eikon. This accelerated oven that cooks up to 15X faster needed a name and positioning that communicated more than its speed, but the wide range of menu items it could cook to perfection.
  • Merrychef was not only launching a new design, but a complete range of rapid cook ovens. They called on Adco to create a sales and training app that not only contained easy to access information and specs on the entire line, but also featured an exact replica of the EasyTouch control panel for training and demonstrations.
  • As part of Manitowoc, brands like Merrychef and the eikon series must adhere to standards—it's a case where being creative 'inside the box' is what's required along with standards that enable enough flexibility to do justice to the launch of a leading innovation in technology like this range.
  • Photography was leveraged into large format signs, banners, and posters. Compelling images and treatments that commanded attention.
  • Instead of presenting users with an operations manual, we created a series of bite-sized training vignettes. In addition, we made them easy to access and use—optimized for a user's mobile device.
  • Merrychef needed a way to communicate the major advantages of their technology in under 2 minutes. Adco delivered commercial grade commercials. Watch the video.
  • With a fast approaching deadline, Merrychef needed an e-marketing campaign to reach a potential partner. Adco delivered a personalized responsive webpage that delivered as an online sales solution.