Manitowoc Ice Indigo®

Leading foodservice manufacturer calls on Adco to launch product.
  • What's in a name? A lot of research and time! In the end what was inside Indigo was intelligent diagnostics—delivered through an interactive display presented in Indigo Blue. Easy to say, the name enjoys excellent recognition in the marketplace.
  • When the Indigo revolutionized ice machines, there was a lot of information for reps and distributors to first learn, then communicate to customers. The Indigo app was the perfect solution. Not only as a training resource for reps, but a presentation tool, asset library, and a functional display simulator to demonstrate the benefits of the EasyRead™ display—all in one.
  • The 'I Need Ice' campaign spoke to research that rated reliability as being the most important factor to operators. In order to allow the creative team to target the ads to specific segments, each element of the photographs were taken separately to allow for different combinations of backgrounds, drinks, and servers.
  • Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to capture the excitement surrounding a new product or launch. It's also a great way to extend your ROI on these events by using this material to reach out to prospects that couldn't attend.
  • "The best launch ever." That's the high praise we received from VP of marketing. But our favourite was from the sales team lead: "I wasn't sure the direction was right, but Adco respectfully stuck to their guns, convinced me and in the end, you guys were right—it's a huge success!"
  • Today, mobile has to be a part of your communications strategy. Your channel and market need access to your information wherever and whenever they need it, and on whichever device they choose to reach out with. Mobile strategy is a part of everything that we do.