Garland Induction

Adco helps Garland engage and educate prospective customers on the benefits of induction technology.
  • These days, most of what we create is digital. But that doesn't mean we've left all of our roots behind. We still love to create beautiful literature. Even if we prefer that folks access and consume it on their favorite digital device.
  • Traditionally, to launch a product in the foodservice industry meant the creation of a lot of paper, binders, price lists, videos, CD's, and more. We showed Garland Commercial how to package it all beautifully in one handy app.
  • The PEI Shellfish Festival was the perfect place for Garland to showcase it's leadership in Induction Technology. We were on hand to help them manage their chef competition, and to capture all of the action for prospective customers too. Watch the video.
  • We know the foodservice industry so well that it takes very little time to initiate a product launch video. We take care of everything from strategy to positioning—including competitive analysis. We then leverage this into tools and tactics that—to the customer at least—are so effective and fast, they practically feel like they created themselves. Watch the Garland Green Heat video.
  • We have a knack for getting the best comments from brand advocates like Chef Bob McCann, who's a believer in Garland Induction. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to quickly gain the trust of those who have yet to experience your greatness. Watch the Garland Induction testimonial video.
  • At Adco, we speak the language of you, your channel, and your market. We consistently get feedback that the videos we produce engage, educate, and excite the audience.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? Our production department has a full range of tools and expertise to take difficult concepts and explain them in ways everyone understands—and enjoys. Watch the Garland Induction Sales Video.