Manitowoc Ice NEO™

Before launching a new product, Manitowoc Ice sought Adco’s expertise in branding and strategy.
  • Over the years, Adco has effectively named dozens of products. NEO being our latest. When our client is looking for a name that makes sense and has impact, they call on us.
  • Apps distributed on the app store are great for some applications. In the case of NEO, we created a responsive web app that looks, feels, and operates like a mobile app—at a fraction of the cost.
  • Looking to maximize the return on your event investment? We'll show you how you can turn the activity into buzz that can be heard long after the show is over. Just like we did for Manitowoc Ice and the NEO. Watch the video from NAFEM 2013.
  • At any event, you want to grab the attention and interest of your market. We use rich media to develop display messaging that reaches your target audience and delivers impact. Watch the video.
  • To help educate reps and dealers, Adco created a detailed sales training video that told the whole story of NEO's launch. We then used some of the same material but edited to a shorter more compelling version for end customers. Watch the video.